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So, what have I been up to in recent weeks? 

Well, last weekend I headed off to Brighton for Martyn's stag weekend. And I can't really talk about it as it was very much a "what happens in Brighton, stays in Brighton" sort of weekend. (Although, I apparently have a big dose of beginners' luck when it comes to cards). Instead, I give you this lovely picture of Brighton Pier, from my hotel room, showing the beautiful light of a cold autumn morning.

My hotel itself, the Royal Albion, was... interesting. It was very shabby chic, with high emphasis on the shabby, and low emphasis on the chic. Breakfast was of the "bucket buffet" style, and it's obviously popular with the hen nights. (Either that, or the policewomen of Brighton are wearing indecently skimpy outfits these days.) Oh, and the first room they gave me had no bedding on the bed. I eventually found it in the bath, along with two lights and the coffee making stuff. I moved rooms pretty swiftly. 

Oh, and it was good to catch up with AndyB after I invited him along to gatecrash the Friday night for a while.

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Date: 2008-11-29 09:21 pm (UTC)
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I recognise that veiw. Although I deny all knowledge of ever haveing worked at the albion in the bar and the fact it butnrt down had noffin to do with me. Apparently it's a lot shabbier than when I used to work there.... doh

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