Just for the record, my life as high and mighty blog overlord of all I survey (in Sutton) does not preclude evidence of me being an almighty geek appearing on my desk...


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I spoil you, I do.

The Ravens' first venture into raiding is going well. We dropped Moroes on our second visit to Karazhan…
My character is now standing in Outland.

Just thought you'd want to know. :-)

It's Here! Well, look what dropped through my mailbox this morning....


I'm all on my tod this weekend, getting some quiet time to myself. Lorna's in Bristol with her family, and my sister-in-law's up with Mum.

I celebrated by running Blackrock Depths with my WoW guild last night, getting to the Emperor, before wiping at 3am. Boo. Still, it was our first time there and I'm sure we'll do better next time.

This morning, I've been pottering around doing odd jobs around the flat, including hooking an Airport Express up to the surround sound system in the living room. So, now I can play iTunes though the Big Sound System, including my podcasts. Happy, hapy, happy.

Also, have coffee. Coffee good.

Nine Million Bicycles - Nine Million Bicycles - EP - Katie Melua
Earlier in the week, I spent 40 mins figuring out how to install MediaWiki on our World of Warcraft Guild's server.

I have just discovered that the hosting plan had a "one click install" option for it.

I sat last night and thought about the new iMac. I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't even consider buying a new one until World of Warcraft is Intel-native, and maybe Photoshop, too.

And then I find this post on the WoW forums. The game will be Intel native by the end of the month.


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