Today, I'm better.

Last night, I flopped out on the sofa and watched Charlie & the Chocolate Factory on DVD, before fixing myself some dinner and pottering around online while Lorna watched TV shows about real trauma victims and extreme plastic surgery.

I even managed a good night's sleep. even if I did dream about large black bugs attempting to take over the world with chopsticks and chittering noises.

Today, has been meeting hell, design heaven and position confusion.

And no, I'm not elaborating.

So there.
Dear Reader,

Today I am struggling. There's been a lot on my plate recently, and today my body seems to have gone "whoa there, old boy. Mid-30s now. You can't handle this like you used to".

There are exonerating circumstances, of course. I stayed up slightly too late last night beating up elite trolls in the Hinterlands with [ profile] kit_hartford and others. The allergy-I-always-forget-I-have has kicked in as spring insinuates itself into the landscape, leading to surprised outbursts of pollen from plants that thought we were skipping summer this year.

But the work stress (even though there are Developments Afoot, which will make life Interesting and possibly even Exciting), family stress (even though Mum is doing very well, thank you) and home stress (even if the lovely Lorna is doing most of the work) just caught up with me today.

So, basically, I'm knackered.

How about you?
Well, I'm back in London after a tiring week with my Mum in Suffolk.

Will post more later.

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