Mac users reading this - there's a new version of [ profile] xjournal, the rather spiffy Mac LJ-posting app.

You can grab it here.
Apple's web-authing app, iWeb, got a significant upgrade last night with the release of version 1.1.

Most significant for me were two features that the earlier version lacked: comments on the blogging pages and decent photo optimisation for the web.

I've just given the new version a go, and so far, I'm impressed. My first blog effort is here. I don't really need somewhere new to blog, as I'm using or participating in about half a dozen different ones right now, but it might make a useful tool for sharing certain media with close family and friends, which is cool.
Bleeurgh. Couldn't get to sleep until after 3am last night, and so am so much fleshy rubbish this morning. The one good thing is that I'm up in Suffolk right now, keeping an eye on Mum during her immune system's post-chemo drop.

Apart from that, the world seems to be conspiring to annoy me today.

The combo drive on my iBook appears to have given up the ghost, which is irritating. I should drop into the Bluewater Apple Store on the way home on Thursday, I suppose, and see how much it'll cost to get fixed (six months out of warranty of course) and if it's too much, see if I can muddle by until the Intel versions are released, relegating this machine to an e-mail and web terminal for the living room.

We'll seeā€¦
Jobs unaware of Mighty Mouse

Heh. :)

I particulalrly liked this comment, too:
I told Lieutenant Jobs about needing more buttons on his mouse when he was assigned as I.C. I.T. during the Pathan North West Frontier Campaign in 1873. He protested but fitted the regimental Abacus with an extra line of beads and sprayed it white. It should be noted that his uniform was dyed white and had only one button. Form was everything to him then, and now.
My Mighty Mouse is here!

A review will be forthcoming...

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