So, what's been happening with me?

Busy, busy, busy. I've pretty much completed my transition to full-time blogging expert for RBI, and have spent much of the morning on the phone to Six Apart sorting out which version of Movable Type we'll be using.

Otherwise, I've been busy attending a wedding and getting on with the house refurb.

And, of course, playing WoW.

Mum? She's very tired after the final dose of chemotherapy, but is on the mend. We've got a couple of months before they scan her again and decide what the next course of action is. She intends to make the most of that.
I am clearly a warm-blooded adders, as all this hot weather is not making me happy.

Or letting me sleep.

I am a tragic aging man.

The Cure's Close to Me just came up in the shuffle on my iPod, and made me very happy.

I'm only a few years away from Dad dancing, I can just feel it.
So, I'm back in London.

Mum's much better, which is good. (But the next round of chemo is on Thursday...)

BT managed to break my broadband while I was away. They changed the configuration settings needed to connect, as it turns out, but didn't inform old, old users who had the original settings in their modems. So, after digging out the instructions for reconfiguring my modem, it's all up and working again.

After I sorted that out, Lorna and I watched the recent film version of Pride & Prejudice, which I rather enjoyed.

And now I'm back at work, hectically busy and very tired.

Ho Hum.
Bleeurgh. Couldn't get to sleep until after 3am last night, and so am so much fleshy rubbish this morning. The one good thing is that I'm up in Suffolk right now, keeping an eye on Mum during her immune system's post-chemo drop.

Apart from that, the world seems to be conspiring to annoy me today.

The combo drive on my iBook appears to have given up the ghost, which is irritating. I should drop into the Bluewater Apple Store on the way home on Thursday, I suppose, and see how much it'll cost to get fixed (six months out of warranty of course) and if it's too much, see if I can muddle by until the Intel versions are released, relegating this machine to an e-mail and web terminal for the living room.

We'll seeā€¦
Dear Reader,

Today I am struggling. There's been a lot on my plate recently, and today my body seems to have gone "whoa there, old boy. Mid-30s now. You can't handle this like you used to".

There are exonerating circumstances, of course. I stayed up slightly too late last night beating up elite trolls in the Hinterlands with [ profile] kit_hartford and others. The allergy-I-always-forget-I-have has kicked in as spring insinuates itself into the landscape, leading to surprised outbursts of pollen from plants that thought we were skipping summer this year.

But the work stress (even though there are Developments Afoot, which will make life Interesting and possibly even Exciting), family stress (even though Mum is doing very well, thank you) and home stress (even if the lovely Lorna is doing most of the work) just caught up with me today.

So, basically, I'm knackered.

How about you?

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