So, what's been happening with me?

Busy, busy, busy. I've pretty much completed my transition to full-time blogging expert for RBI, and have spent much of the morning on the phone to Six Apart sorting out which version of Movable Type we'll be using.

Otherwise, I've been busy attending a wedding and getting on with the house refurb.

And, of course, playing WoW.

Mum? She's very tired after the final dose of chemotherapy, but is on the mend. We've got a couple of months before they scan her again and decide what the next course of action is. She intends to make the most of that.
So, I'm back in London.

Mum's much better, which is good. (But the next round of chemo is on Thursday...)

BT managed to break my broadband while I was away. They changed the configuration settings needed to connect, as it turns out, but didn't inform old, old users who had the original settings in their modems. So, after digging out the instructions for reconfiguring my modem, it's all up and working again.

After I sorted that out, Lorna and I watched the recent film version of Pride & Prejudice, which I rather enjoyed.

And now I'm back at work, hectically busy and very tired.

Ho Hum.
Working from home today - more precisely, Mum's home.

She had her first dose of chemo yesterday, a six hour process at the hospital, and I'm up here just in case.

I am working, with my work phone routed through to my Skype account. And it's working seamlessly so far. I particularly like the way that it automatically pauses iTunes when a call comes in, or goes out. Better integration with Address Book would be nice, though.

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