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Mum & Dad on the beach, originally uploaded by Adam Tinworth.

Lovely scan (by Photo Express) of a snap I took on an APS disposable camera back in 1999.

Expect lots of archive scans in the next few months...

I've been hungering for an iPhone web app for Livejournal for a while now. And now it looks like I have one.

Six Apart have released BlogIt for iPhone (, which allows you to post to all sorts of blogs.

And this is my test post.
I'm just testing a new Facebook app that allows you to post to your blog(s) from Facebook.

It's rather neat, if very basic.

Does it work?

Gary Gygax, the guy who invented a hobby, passed on yesterday. I actually exchanged some e-mails with him a few years back, when I was working on a very, very short-lived gaming magazine. He seemed like a decent bloke, with a genuine passion for what he did.

He'll be missed.

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I've probably asked this before, but things move on...

Is there a Windows LJ client that is palpably better than using the web interface?

Hello. Me again.

Yes, I'm still here. Yes, I'm still reading (and commenting sometimes) on LJ. But no, I'm not using it very much. And that bothers me. Why?

Well, while I was at Le Web 3 in Paris at the tail end of last year, I had the chance to catch up with the CEO of Six Apart, as we're enterprise customers of theirs. One of the things he talked about was the sale of LJ to SUP, and Chris prefaced the discussion with "I know you're a Livejournal user, but…"

And that left me thinking: am I really a Livejournal user any more? I mean, I rarely ever post here, and most of the time it's just a push from my Vox. And it's not as if I'm short on blogs to maintain:

One Man & His Blog
Tincan Alley
Leafshine: Lust for Flower
Coffee & Complexity
Fishnets & Fedoras

As you can see, the last two are a little under-maintained right now. :)

So, sensibly speaking, I should just give up on LJ. But I can't quite bring myself to do so, and here's why…
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Firefly Rain Arrival

I has it. Oh, yes. I has it. Firefly Rain is here
My in-laws run Christmas rather differently to the Tinworth clan. At home, all the present opening is done by about 12pm at the latest - and that's a laggardly Christmas.

Here in Bristol? It's nearly 3pm and we've opened precisely one present so far. From my mother-in-law, I have received Poems from Guantanamo: The Detainees Speak. Yup, a book of poems from inmates at Guantanamo Bay. Not quite sure what to make of that…

Anyway, I must go make roast potatoes now.

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I've been putting the scanner through its paces again, this time scanning some film I shot on the beach in Suffolk around October 1998. Here's Mum & Dad, enjoying the, uh, "bracing" conditions:

And I do love the quality of light, and the almost painterly placement of people, in this one:

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Morning all.

Welcome to your brand new, 100% more Russian Livejournal…
A lovely piece of music played with style by alan.

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I'm now getting more press releases as a blogger than as a journalist.


Hello, baby...
Originally uploaded by Adam Tinworth.
Have I?

Oh, yes. I most certainly have.

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