From an Apple PR release about Aperture 1.5:

An innovative new export API plug-in architecture in Aperture 1.5 allows third party developers to tap into the expanding Aperture user community with plug-ins that seamlessly connect Aperture’s workflow to complementary applications and services. Plug-ins from industry leading companies, including Getty Images, iStockphoto, Pictage, Flickr, PhotoShelter, DigitalFusion, Soundslides and Connected Flow, will be demonstrated at photokina 2006.

Looks like the reasons behind[ profile] fraserspeirs's decision to go to photokina have become clearer. Congratulations are clearly in order.
My copy of iLife '06 turned up on Friday, and finally got the chance to play with it today. Mainly, I played with iPhoto.

My, does it fly. Jobs wasn't joking when he said that it was faster than before. The application's major weakness has been addressed.

The full screen editing is really excellent, too. I suspect we're seeing elements of Aperture being incorporated into the basic package. Very impressed.

Oh, and FlickrExport works, which is good.
Ah. Monsieur Le Jobs, with these iPhoto improvements, you are really spoiling us.
Do you think cropping a photo based on the fact that the guy on the far left is really, really ugly is unfair?
Boy, downloading RAW images over USB from a 1GB Compact Flash card really makes you think about upgrading to a machine with USB 2.

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