So, what's been happening with me?

Busy, busy, busy. I've pretty much completed my transition to full-time blogging expert for RBI, and have spent much of the morning on the phone to Six Apart sorting out which version of Movable Type we'll be using.

Otherwise, I've been busy attending a wedding and getting on with the house refurb.

And, of course, playing WoW.

Mum? She's very tired after the final dose of chemotherapy, but is on the mend. We've got a couple of months before they scan her again and decide what the next course of action is. She intends to make the most of that.
I'm all on my tod this weekend, getting some quiet time to myself. Lorna's in Bristol with her family, and my sister-in-law's up with Mum.

I celebrated by running Blackrock Depths with my WoW guild last night, getting to the Emperor, before wiping at 3am. Boo. Still, it was our first time there and I'm sure we'll do better next time.

This morning, I've been pottering around doing odd jobs around the flat, including hooking an Airport Express up to the surround sound system in the living room. So, now I can play iTunes though the Big Sound System, including my podcasts. Happy, hapy, happy.

Also, have coffee. Coffee good.

Nine Million Bicycles - Nine Million Bicycles - EP - Katie Melua
Bleeurgh. Couldn't get to sleep until after 3am last night, and so am so much fleshy rubbish this morning. The one good thing is that I'm up in Suffolk right now, keeping an eye on Mum during her immune system's post-chemo drop.

Apart from that, the world seems to be conspiring to annoy me today.

The combo drive on my iBook appears to have given up the ghost, which is irritating. I should drop into the Bluewater Apple Store on the way home on Thursday, I suppose, and see how much it'll cost to get fixed (six months out of warranty of course) and if it's too much, see if I can muddle by until the Intel versions are released, relegating this machine to an e-mail and web terminal for the living room.

We'll seeā€¦
Today, I'm better.

Last night, I flopped out on the sofa and watched Charlie & the Chocolate Factory on DVD, before fixing myself some dinner and pottering around online while Lorna watched TV shows about real trauma victims and extreme plastic surgery.

I even managed a good night's sleep. even if I did dream about large black bugs attempting to take over the world with chopsticks and chittering noises.

Today, has been meeting hell, design heaven and position confusion.

And no, I'm not elaborating.

So there.
Tonight, something will happen that hasn't happened for six months.

Tonight, I shall return home to a warm flat.

Tonight, we have central heating again.

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