From an Apple PR release about Aperture 1.5:

An innovative new export API plug-in architecture in Aperture 1.5 allows third party developers to tap into the expanding Aperture user community with plug-ins that seamlessly connect Aperture’s workflow to complementary applications and services. Plug-ins from industry leading companies, including Getty Images, iStockphoto, Pictage, Flickr, PhotoShelter, DigitalFusion, Soundslides and Connected Flow, will be demonstrated at photokina 2006.

Looks like the reasons behind[ profile] fraserspeirs's decision to go to photokina have become clearer. Congratulations are clearly in order.


Sep. 13th, 2006 11:42 am
Oh, I'm so buying this when it comes out.
Mac users reading this - there's a new version of [ profile] xjournal, the rather spiffy Mac LJ-posting app.

You can grab it here.
Apple's web-authing app, iWeb, got a significant upgrade last night with the release of version 1.1.

Most significant for me were two features that the earlier version lacked: comments on the blogging pages and decent photo optimisation for the web.

I've just given the new version a go, and so far, I'm impressed. My first blog effort is here. I don't really need somewhere new to blog, as I'm using or participating in about half a dozen different ones right now, but it might make a useful tool for sharing certain media with close family and friends, which is cool.
My copy of iLife '06 turned up on Friday, and finally got the chance to play with it today. Mainly, I played with iPhoto.

My, does it fly. Jobs wasn't joking when he said that it was faster than before. The application's major weakness has been addressed.

The full screen editing is really excellent, too. I suspect we're seeing elements of Aperture being incorporated into the basic package. Very impressed.

Oh, and FlickrExport works, which is good.
Apple using zombie focus groups for new product names:
In a disturbing sign, reliable sources indicate that Apple has followed Microsoft's lead in using zombie focus groups to name its products. Their first influence was revealed this week when Steve Jobs announced that the venerable name "PowerBook" had been replaced by the widely despised "MacBook Pro."
From TUAW:
Yet another significant update that should be added to the list of major updates and changes that were cut from yesterday's keynote: web access to the .Mac iDisk
At last!
People in the UK might like to note that when Steve Jobs and the Apple UK press releases said that iLife '06 and iWork '06 were available "now", they meant "sometime next week".

So, that was a worthwhile trip to the Apple Store, then.
I sat last night and thought about the new iMac. I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't even consider buying a new one until World of Warcraft is Intel-native, and maybe Photoshop, too.

And then I find this post on the WoW forums. The game will be Intel native by the end of the month.

Somebody phone my wife and tell her to take the credit card off me NOW.

Never buy version 1 of anything. Never buy version 1 of anything.
iDVD supporting widescreen: that's one from my wishlist, like calender printing with iPhoto
Garageband supporting podcasting: maybe I'll have a reason to use it now. :)
iWeb looks interesting, but I suspect Karelia can relax about Sandvox.
Ah. Monsieur Le Jobs, with these iPhoto improvements, you are really spoiling us.
Jobs unaware of Mighty Mouse

Heh. :)

I particulalrly liked this comment, too:
I told Lieutenant Jobs about needing more buttons on his mouse when he was assigned as I.C. I.T. during the Pathan North West Frontier Campaign in 1873. He protested but fitted the regimental Abacus with an extra line of beads and sprayed it white. It should be noted that his uniform was dyed white and had only one button. Form was everything to him then, and now.
My Mighty Mouse is here!

A review will be forthcoming...
From a press release that just dropped into my in-box:

CUPERTINO, California—August 2, 2005—Apple® today introduced Mighty Mouse, its next generation mouse with several innovative new features that make using a Mac® even more powerful and easy. Mighty Mouse offers power users up to four independently programmable buttons, without compromising simplicity for users who prefer just a single-button mouse. Mighty Mouse also introduces an ingenious Scroll Ball that lets users scroll in any direction—vertically, horizontally and even diagonally. With the Scroll Ball, users can scroll with natural, fluid movements, making Mighty Mouse perfect for applications from viewing web pages and photographs, to video editing and music creation. Mighty Mouse is priced at just £35 (inc. VAT).

More here.

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